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Ego Game Technology Engine (more commonly referred to as Ego Engine or EGO) is a video game engine developed by Codemasters.

EGO is a modified version of the Neon game engine that was used in Colin McRae: DiRT which was developed by Codemasters and Sony Computer Entertainment using Sony Computer Entertainment's PhyreEngine cross-platform graphics engine.

Race Driver: GRID (2008) was the first official game to use the EGO Engine, due to the fact the DiRT engine was known as "Neon", although there isn't any official documentation, so the technical difference of them is not known.

Colin McRae: DiRT 2 (2009) uses a modified version of EGO 1.0, with the addition of a DirectX 11 enabled graphics renderer (including other changes).

F1 2009, also released in 2009, was the first "Formula One" game to use the EGO Engine.

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising (2009), Bodycount (2011) and the Operation Flashpoint sequel (2011) are currently the only First Person Shooters made with the EGO engine (Dragon Rising & Bodycount on v1.0, Red River on v2.0). There were major changes within the engine in order to facilitate First Person Shooter gameplay. These games have generally recieved mixed to negative reviews by critics and fans, despite the overall success of Codemasters' racing oriented EGO engine-powered games.

In 2011, as a result of the poor reception of Bodycount, Codemasters closed down their Guildford, United Kingdom studio, laying off 70 employees and cutting down Codemaster's studio base by a third.

Updates (beyond DiRT 2)

EGO 1.5

  • 1.5 is the unofficial version number given to the heavily modified version of EGO 1.0 created by Codemasters to power the F1 2010 video game.
  • Contained new technology that would later be in the 2011 EGO 2.0 engine.

EGO 2.0

  • EGO 2.0 is a modified EGO 1.0 engine.

EGO 3.0

EGO 4.0

EGO Engine 4.0 will be first featured in the upcoming F1 2015. The game will run on an all-new version (4.0) of the engine, providing a large number of improvements to the game's physics models. It will feature an all-new "Pro Season" mode that is said to be more challenging than the normal gameplay. The game will also be compatible with the Xbox One and PS4's voice recognition software, allowing players to talk to their race engineers during the race and ask for race information, weather updates, and tyre status, and even request a change of tyres or wing.

DiRT 4 if & when released, will also be using version 4.0 of the engine. AMD's recent Graphics driver update that was rolled out to coincide with the release of Grand Theft Auto V, contained patch notes regarding DiRT 4, "Dirt 4 : Poor performance may be experienced in some configurations"

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