Q. How do I create a mod for an EGO Engine game?

  • First please note, not all EGO Engine games are supported by the limited amount of 3rd party tools available. Research the game you are thinking about modding first by checking the Utilities page for compatibility of the various tools that are showcased there.
  • Regardless of what type of "mod" you plan to make, whether it is a new skin, faster cars, race restrictions, etc, you will need PSSG extraction tools, located on the page PSSG Utilities
  • If you want to edit or create skins (textures) or similar, DDS Tools page will help you in doing so
  • Alternatively, if you want to edit core gameplay values, add or change game features, you will need to follow both the BinXML and Database Editor pages.
  • Lastly, if you need Localisation (language) options, for either changing ingame text or creating a language pack, you can head over to the Language Editor page.

Q. Why are there so many Red links on the homepage? Where is the rest of the information?

  • Either because they haven't been written yet, or those specific features/ID's/elements are not known to the public due to incompatible mod tools.

Q. The mod community for EGO Engine hasn't released anything since 2012. Why is this?

  • I believe this is due to the lack of mod support from Codemasters, but also due to the complexity of creating mod tools, and mods themselves for the engine, the few that were active tool developers & modders have moved onto other things.
  • Another reason could be due to some mods causing games to become unstable, again, due to the lack of official support from CM.

Q. Do you do this for profit?

  • Absolutely not. One of the reasons it has taken 4 years to get this far is due to doing this out of love, in my limited free time. I feel it is better late than never to get this information properly posted, for any future modders turn game designers that might be out there. :)

Q. Can I contact the founder, Jenkins?

  • Sure :) Send me an email if you have any questions or comments about this Wikia or EGO Engine.