/!\ Make a backup of the Language file you are editing first! This is very important! /!\

NOTE: This program has been tested on GRID, DiRT and DiRT2. Therefore, theoretically it should work for All EGO engine games.

NOTE2: A new translated file will be created in the same directory of the original file, with the extension ".translated"

1. Open the Race Driver GRID Language Editor.exe program

Lng tut 1

2. Navigate to the language file you want to edit, for the sake of this tutorial i have used the English file from DiRT.

Lng tut 2

Lng tut 3

3. Edit any of the lines within the Language Editor

Lng tut 4


- DO NOT change or erase the new line markers "\r\n"

- DO NOT change or translate the text inside the brackets (eg. [NUMBER])

4. Save & you're done!

Lng tut 5

Lng tut 6